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Refrigerator Repair

Before the domestic refrigerator was invented, the first cooling systems for food involved ice, and only ice. Can you imagine the amount of water damage we would have today? Not to mention, spoiled rotten food. Well, luckily for us, refrigerators are no longer a luxury appliance for the privileged and wealthy, but an essential appliance in every home. Not only is it a necessity, but its functionality is crucial for preserving our meats, vegetables and dairy products.  Perishable foods can spoil without proper refrigeration. Not to mention, improper refrigeration temperatures can quickly result in the growth of potentially harmful bacteria that can’t always be seen with the naked eye. The average person with good health may get an upset stomach, but for our elders, young children and pregnant women, this can be extremely dangerous.

Sometimes a functionality or malfunction of your refrigerator, may not be 100% obvious. However, there are some telltale signs of a refrigeration issue.

Keep an eye out for some of these malfunctioning cues
  • Optimal Operating Temperature Failure
  • Excess Condensation
  • Extreme Heat from Motor
  • Excess Frost and Ice in Freezer
  • Unusual Running Noise
  • Quick Food Spoilage

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If you notice these or any other issues with your refrigerator or freezer, give Affordable Appliance Repair Calgary a call immediately. Never guess and prolong the issue. If you suspect a refrigerator malfunction, we will schedule same day service for your refrigeration repair. Catching the problem as soon as it occurs will have a big impact on the type of repair needed as well as the expense. Let our experts diagnose the problem and provide you with the best affordable option for the refrigerator repair. Affordable Appliance Repair Calgary will also provide you with a suggested routine maintenance schedule that will prevent future repairs.

Our team of certified refrigeration technicians are all trained and educated in refrigeration repairs. Our repair service technicians are all up to date with the lasted refrigerator models and brands.

Here are a few refrigerator brands we repair:

Samsung appliance repair
Whirlpool appliance repair
LG appliance repair
insignia appliance repair
General Electric appliance repair
Appliance repair in Calgary

We repair the following types of refrigerators:

  • French Door Refrigerators
  • Side-By-Side Refrigerators
  • Top Freezer Refrigerators
  • Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
  • Bar Fridges and Wine Coolers


If you aren’t sure whether we repair or provide maintenance service for your brand, model and type of refrigerator, please contact our customer support team to inquire. We will be glad to address and answer any questions you may have.


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